Serving Woodbine & Mt Airy

Directions to Recreation Locations

Calvary United Methodist Church: 403 S. Main St., Mt Airy. Large gray stone church on Eastern side of Main St – between Paradise Ave and Ridge Ave. The Old Auditorium is located at the back of the church through the right-hand door.

Mt. Airy Elementary School:  405 N. Main St. The cafeteria is located at the back of the building on the right-hand side; The gymnasium is at the back of the building on the left-hand side and can also be reached through the the cafeteria.

Mt. Airy Middle School: 102 Watersville Rd. The gymnasium is located at the very front of the building and reached from the front steps.>

Mount Airy Senior and Community Center at 703 Ridge Avenue: In the same building as the Mt. Airy Public Library. The activities room is reached through the main entrance of the building’s upper level.

Salt Box Park, Gillis Falls Road: Located six-tenths of a mile west of the intersection with John Pickett Rd.
Exactly 3.0 miles East of Rt.27. (Exactly 1.3 miles East of Mt Olive Church.
Exactly 1.4 miles West of Rt.94. (Exactly six-tenths of a mile West of John Pickett Rd.
From the West (Mt. Airy / Rt.27) the entrance to the park is on the right – just before the dip of the hill.
From the East (Woodbine / Rt.94) the entrance is on the left – six-tenths of a mile after John Pickett Rd and after the dip of the hill.